What We Do

Executive and Specialist Search Services

How We Can Help

RSI specializes in helping employers fill technical specialized or management positions with candidates that correspond exactly to their specifications.

Our Expertise

RSI also provides custom services utilizing our expertise in the recruitment field which encompasses:

  • Job requirements definition
  • Candidate generation
  • Assessment and screening
  • Verification of references and credentials
  • Interview scheduling
  • Negotiation facilitation
  • Integration follow-up
  • Succession planning.
  • Retention actions.

Our Experience

Since 1988, we have filled hundreds of 5, 6 and even a few 7 figure (annual base salaries) vacancies across most industries, in Canada, the United States, and in Western Europe. We have experience in Natural Resources, Manufacturing and Heavy Industry, and Services (to businesses and to consumers).

Examples of positions we have successfully filled range from senior executives and board directors to very specialized skilled trades-people, and include line and staff managers and experts in particular fields which are often difficult to recruit.

We Target the Best

We strive to target exclusively pools of potential candidates that are regarded as A players in their professions, and we invest intensively in constantly developing a network of contacts in order to be ready for each new search.

To generate and select the best possible candidates, and to deliver results in short time frames, RSI has developed close partnership ties with a network of outside consultants and service providers. For each project that is assigned to us, we mobilize those who are specialized in its specific field.

Hiring RSI therefore offers the reach that you might expect from large recruitment “powerhouses”, along with the personalized boutique service that not only our clients appreciate but that enables successful completion of each recruitment operation.

In addition, we have designed our trading terms so that there are no risks for you in utilizing RSI, only benefits. Our services are available in English and in French.

We do what it takes to build your team where it needs to be!