Who We Are

How we see the recruitment world evolving and why we created RSI:


Employers are faced with increasing pressures requiring immediately operational, competitive and flexible talent. With the explosion of internet job boards, social sites and other reach extending media, generating candidates is not the same problem as it used to be. But with increasingly streamlined organizational structures, gambling on recruitment outcomes is less and less affordable.


Candidates often declare that looking for a new job nowadays is the most difficult job they have ever had. Finding one may be hard enough, but beyond that, consequences of making the wrong decision can seriously damage one’s career and in some cases even jeopardize one’s ability to make a living altogether.

The Solution

When it comes to recruitment, we believe it is ‘fit’ which is becoming more crucial than ever, for all parties, and that it is increasingly more complicated to achieve. Fit can only exist if there is harmony between the parties with respect to mutual expectations and values. Adequate skills, personalities and interests are of course mandatory, but not sufficient. Compensation package and proximity of location neither, as many have found out. Unfortunately, résumés and job postings, especially electronic ones, provide little insight to evaluate potential fit.

Recruitment In The Future

Given these observations, and over 30 years of experience in the executive search and staffing field, we are convinced that recruitment services in the future will have to:

  • Provide services tailored to all of the parties involved
  • Integrate the services of a network of professionals specialized in different areas
  • Make the best usage of the wide array of tools and possibilities offered by the internet revolution
  • Include high quality personalized service, rehabilitating evaluation and judgment as key elements of the process.

This, to achieve the highest level of ‘fit’ and therefore success for all parties involved.

What We Seek To Accomplish

By carefully understanding the precise individual needs of each one of our clients and candidates, including their constraints, expectations and desires, and by locating and activating the appropriate resources capable of satisfying them, we strive to bring the exact value that each one of our clients requires.

That is what we intend by “integration of recruitment solutions”.

The values that govern us in our duties:

  • Respect of the law, contracts and agreements.
  • Ensure no conflicts of interest.
  • Respect every party’s interest.
  • Support common values such as:
    • Being honest, open and co-operative.
    • Being equitable and fair.
    • Standing behind commitments.
    • Treating people fairly and with consideration.
    • Mutually contributing to doing things better.
  • Respect of confidentiality.
  • Maintain high performance standards such as:
    • Exceptional quality
    • Competitive pricing
    • Superior support
    • On-time delivery
    • Continuous improvement

Company Information

RSI Inc. Recruitment Solutions Integrators is a private corporation registered in Canada. Its headquarter is located in Toronto. The company employs both permanent employees and independent consultants.

Our Team

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We do what it takes to get your team where it needs to be!