Nous sommes des spécialistes du recrutement qui emploient des ressources puissantes pour livrer des prestations de haute qualité.


  • Des candidats solides pour des postes de Dirigeants et Administrateurs, Techniciens très spécialisés, mais aussi des Gestionnaires, Cadres, Ingénieurs et Experts difficiles à recruter.
  • Des délais de réalisation bien plus courts qu’en moyenne.
  • Des efforts soutenus afin de résoudre tout problème de recrutement.
  • Paiement pour des résultats concrets seulement.
Et aussi
  • Des consultants dédiés, seniors et expérimentés.
  • Des relations flexibles et simplifiées basées sur des accords limpides.
  • Rigoureux respect de la confidentialité et absence de conflits d’intérêt.


  • Des opportunités de carrière intéressantes.
  • Des conseils personnalisés afin de vous permettre de prendre les décisions en votre meilleur intérêt.
Et aussi:
  • Des consultants approchables, amicaux et cherchant à rendre service.
  • Des réponses à chaque fois et le respect de la confidentialité.


  • Un support puissant et fiable sur vos travaux en cours.
  • L’opportunité de travailler sur nos affaires.
  • Des accords précis et équitables, par écrit. Contactez-nous.


  • Un plan d’investissement opérationnel a haut rendement.
  • Pour recevoir une documentation détaillée, Contactez-nous.


« Thank you in turn for the courtesy of a response to my recent application.

The very fact that RSI took this trouble sets you apart from virtually all of the agencies and potential employers I have contacted during this job search. I am also grateful that you have offered to keep my information on file for future relevant searches.

My best wishes for every success in your field. »



« I am very happy with you as a recruiter and as a human being. I think you are wonderful!

Cheers! »



« I can’t find a lot of agent/agencies that do update the candidate on the outcome of any decisions taken by the client and you have set yourself apart from this pack.

Thanks for reaching out and letting me know about your client’s decision, much appreciate. Hope to be in touch in the future. »



« But I must say you are the most decent, polite, pleasant, understanding recruiter I have come across in the past few months.

I will certainly tell my network how well you treat applicants who are not even on the short list. »



« I want to thank you for your services and the manner in which you took me through the process of employment with relative ease. Your ability to get the job done and the kindness with which you comported yourself is duly noted, and I want to thank you yet again for being so eager and quick to respond to my queries no matter what they entailed. Your good nature and abilities will not ever be forgotten.

Thank you very much for your help. »



« I am highly impressed by the outstanding quality of the services your organization provides. More importantly, the personal involvement, client-orientation and prompt follow through on commitments sets your organization apart from others.

It will be my pleasure to stay in touch with you and I will very certainly recommend your organization to my peers. »



« Thank you very much for your time and effort. You getting back to me on this issue and your prompt response shows the difference between your company and others. I look forward to working with you whenever there is a position in my background is posted on your website. »



« I am very moved by your sincere efforts to help along a fellow human being in making, what are perhaps, life-altering decisions…

In today’s world this is not common, nor is it taken for granted. I appreciate it very much – thank you. »



« Thank you for being so considerate. I do not have to tell you that not all the people in your line of work are so « gentlemen » and professional like you. »



« Thanks for all the explanation of the process, I see you are in company admired and with high moral value, I appreciate the time you took to write me. »



« You did an outstanding job; profiling me; setting appointments and briefing me on important things.

There are many recruiters out there who could learn much from you.

Have a super Merry Christmas and realize that you have a talent for what you do – even though I have known you only a short time. »



Remplissez vos coordonnées et nous vous contacterons dans les plus brefs délais.